Exhibition – The Final Chapter and Beyond

 This exhibition has been produced by Queensferry History Group, a small enthusiastic group of people with a keen interest in all aspects of local history.

For the past five years our focus has been on the effects of the First World War on the communities of Queensferry and Dalmeny. The stories of the men who left this area and who did not return are recorded in this exhibition.

It has been an honour and privilege to research their lives and ensure they are not forgotten.


Listed below are some of the topics covered in the exhibition and more information about these subjects can also be found on these pages.


  Read more about the Ceasefire


Surrender of the German High Seas Fleet in the Firth of Forth

Events at Home

Women: The War and the Vote

This exhibition is a tribute to the individual, the great  and the good and the ordinary people who lived through the troubled times one hundred years ago.

We are currently working on these exhibition pages but we hope they will give you some idea of our research work and our exhibition. We hope you will be able to visit the exhibition at Queensferry Museum. It will be in place until the end of 2019.

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