Memorial Poppy Drape

The idea for this project was suggested during a History Group meeting early 1n 2018. It was then started by a small group of members who spread the word that we needed hand knitted or crocheted poppies – any size and any pattern to make the drape. History Group members and their wives made many of the poppies themselves.

Initially it was not known what size the finished product would be as it would depend on the number of poppies made and donated to the Group. There was also some uncertainty as to how the poppies were going to be attached to a background. What was certain however, was the intention to display the poppies beside the war memorial at the Rosebery hall where the Remembrance Service would take place. This was particularly relevant as 2018 marked the centenary of the signing of the Armistice.

Poppies arrived from all over the local community. Groups such as “The Ferry Crafters” donated them as did individuals of all ages. It is believed the oldest poppy donator is a young 90+!

Gradually the drape began to take shape and help again came from members of the community who, along with History Group members spent many hours stitching the poppies on to a background netting.

As Remembrance Sunday approached it became evident there were enough poppies to make two nets which were stitched together making a very impressive display.

Queensferry History Group would like to thank everyone who contributed to and helped us with this important and relevant display. We felt it greatly enhanced our exhibition, “Queensferry at War – The Final Chapter and Beyond”. The exhibition brought our First World War research full circle, with information about the end of the war, the effects on the people at home, what happened to men who returned home and the Surrender of the German High seas Fleet which took place in the Firth of Forth in November 1918.

The exhibition and the Poppy Drape was removed from Queensferry Museum at the end of November 2019. Great consideration was given to the future of the Poppy Drape and the local community was asked for suggestions as to where it should be kept or displayed. We are delighted to confirm that our friends at the Rosebery Hall have identified a place for the drape and it will be on display there shortly. We are very grateful to everyone at the Rosebery Hall for assisting us with this. It seems entirely appropriate that the Poppy Drape should be on display close to the Queensferry War Memorial.